Community Resources

We have an excellent array of resources for your perusal...

  • Brochures, Pamphlets, Fliers, Booklets, from both San Mateo and Santa Clara counties
  • Free Wi-fi for Internet Research
  • The Palo Alto Family Resources Information Kiosk
  • Materials from our local Non-Profit Partners, such as Little House, Avenidas, Kara, Support Network, etc.

We have an expanding lending library for your use, that has many self-help books, cook books, novels, etc.  You are welcome to check out two books at a time, for up to a month at a time.

We have added an Adopt-A-Book Program to help grow our library. You may peruse the books we have to adopt in our front reception room at Deborah's Palm.

Also on hand, are our recently accumulated resources (in binder-form) from the past Fairs we have had: Divorce Seminar (Held on October 22, 2011), Career Development Day, Caring for Aging Parents, Redefining Beauty & Money Matters.

We also have resources and materials from our last SPARK Group, where we explored the topic of Human Trafficking. Many of the materials, pamplets, and notes are here in binder form for you to use. Ask our Front Desk Greeter for more information.